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Next Desk
Unfolds for work
Folds away for living

Save £100 on your next desk!

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Collect all 5 words and arrange into the correct sentence.

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It’s Like a

Home Extension

Save yourself the money and hassle of constantly rearranging your workspace to fit your home life.

NEXT DESK turns any room in your house into a home office and folds away again.

  • So you can work in comfort
  • Your living space stays free
  • and you don’t need to redesign the house!


With NEXT DESK you have the key to relaxation.

Working from home no longer means your work is vulnerable to random occurrences.

Lock up the office, and feel confident that whatever happens at home, your valuable work is safe, secure, and no one else can touch it!


House Proud

You work hard to make your home beautiful.

NEXT DESK’s stunning design is subtle enough to complement any living space, and add a touch of style.

Even though your home office
is hidden away, you’ll want to show it off!

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What People Say

George Jenatsch

The desk is working beautifully for us.
The installation was smooth, and the post-installation support first rate.

Nicola – Office Manager

Having worked at home since 2015 I have tried several different desks and  I have absolutely fallen in love with the Next-Desk.

Spread yourself out

A convenient working space whenever you need it

Work flow

A powerful space designed for productivity

Office in a box

Keep your tech within reach with built in power cables and USB ports

Under lock and key

Now you know your sensitive data is secure

Ample storage

Never lose anything around the house with ample hidden storage

Ergonomic Design

A flexible office pod that can adapt to suit you

Don’t Make Do
Make it Happen