Why The Business Show loved this innovative foldable Desk

A foldable desk that fits your whole office inside
A truly foldable desk that fits your whole office inside!

In November 2021 Next Desk, a truly foldable desk, made its international debut at the Business Show at Excel London.

Next Desk is a totally new concept for a desk, and this was the first time our team had so many people to show it to…

And we were delighted by the response!

Next Desk is extremely practical, but it was clear early on that the mental health benefits really held people’s attention.

So how can a foldable desk be good for your mental health?

Lock away the working day

As visitors came to the stand we saw similar patterns in how people interacted with the desk.

There were serious, nodding faces when we described the moving doors, the vast storage and the inner plug points and USB ports. But as soon as we closed up the front wings with everything inside, huge smiles of delight appeared and people visibly relaxed.

Next Desk allows you to create a definitive end to your day.

When you are able to fully close and lock your entire home office you can enjoy quality down time at home by setting physical and mental boundaries between the two.

Everyone instantly understood the relief of being able to let go of work in your free time.

It seems the most popular aspect of the desk wasn’t how you can work well on it, as much as how effectively it lets you stay away from work 😂

Use your desk for socialising!

next desk is Multi-use

The foldable ‘hidden’ desk concept gives it practical use out of hours.
The enormity of the work space doesn’t have to deprive you of your precious home space, or make it look ugly.

It just depends in what room of your house you set up your office.
You could turn your living room desk into a sideboard. Your spare room desk could be a dressing table for visitors.

One of our customers uses the computer screen as a smart TV at the end of their bed.

A visitor at the show also looked at our poster and commented “Oh look! An office by day and a bar by night!’

Next Desk is all-in-one

I’ve just kitted out my home office and it took me ages to find all the separate parts. I wish I’d seen this sooner!

Multiple visitors to our stand!

A big mental drain of setting up a home office is knowing what to buy. Once you find a desk it can take hours of searching to find storage, a secure unit, a shelf for your printer, organise your power cables…

There is even space to store and hide away your printer!

Next Desk does all of the thinking for you as everything you need is inside its doors.

Next Desk’s team even deliver and assemble your desk, in your home, for free.
You literally have nothing to think about. You click to buy and it’s all done for you!

When adhering to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the right kind of secure storage at home is essential to avoid fines.

Effortless data protection

Next Desk has GDPR all locked up (excuse the pun) But it really does!

It’s dual locking system takes all your data worries away.

When you have the keys, you can relax knowing that no one can has access to your data except you.

Immediately clutter free

Finally, an office space that won’t overspill!

If you are a naturally tidy person, the lack of control over the work space (yours or your partner’s) can be overwhelming.

Next Desk is an easy way to keep your home office clutter free and out of everyone’s way. Even if you are working in a shared living space.

keep your relationships strong

It may be going too far to suggest that a desk can make your relationship stronger, you have to do that work yourself, but Next Desk removes the issue of home office clutter, which can cause a lot of tension between couples or house mates.

With zero fuss you can create your own working space that others can respect. So at least any arguments at home won’t be anything to do with work!

stay flexible

Because Next Desk is not just a static desk, it can be arranged to suit however you like to work.

If you have a small space it can fit neatly into a corner with the two wings out in a U shape. Or you can expand both doors outwards to accommodate a work colleague for the day.

You can use the vast amount of storage however you like, and the whole desk itself can be wheeled from one room to another.
You will always have control over your own space, without having to constantly rearrange or purchase extra furniture that will encroach on your home.

A small home office with powerful potential

Next Desk is one complete home office solution. And it’s one-of-a-kind!

If you haven’t invested in your home office set up yet because you don’t know where to start, Next Desk is for you!
Home working is now a permanent fixture in most of our lives and to not give proper attention to this key element can have far reaching physical and mental health effects.

Take a look at Next Desk’s features on our product page

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