NEXT DESK does everything for you, except your job!

Keep your home office safe from your home life and vice versa with NEXT DESK’s enormous list of features.

Each element of your home working desk has been carefully designed to transform how you live and work in four areas:

  • Space

Keep your home exactly as it is. NEXT DESK folds away so you do not need to create a separate home office. You’ll have a space all of your own, without stealing someone else’s!

  • Storage

NEXT DESK has ample hidden storage that hides away. Store all your office equipment without constantly shopping for extra storage solutions.

  • Security

Stay GDPR compliant with NEXT DESK’s dual locking system. Or just use it to keep people’s hands off your stuff!

  • Style

A home office can be sleek, beautiful and tidy. NEXT DESK does it all for you.

Product details…it’s a long list!

  • Dual locking system

If you are setting up your home office in commonly used areas, such as the dining room or guest bedroom, you will welcome NEXT DESK’s ultra-secure locking system.

This home working desk protects your vulnerable information behind locked doors.

The sliding bolt keeps the first folding door in place, and the lock and key secures the second.

You will receive two keys to your desk but be warned:

***Every desk has its own unique set of keys, and they are very difficult to replace if lost or damaged.

We have to dismantle the desk door to access the key barrel and fit a new one. This is costly and time consuming. So take good care of your keys! ***

When your folding doors are locked you can be sure everything within the two doors is safe and secure.

  • Two folding doors

The two doors are extremely versatile.

Firstly, they contain ample storage for all types of office paraphernalia. Easy access shelves and a pull out drawer, specifically designed to hold sling back files, mean you don’t have to interrupt your work flow when you need to reach for something.

Secondly, as the doors pull out, the broad tops create extra work space for placing books and files, for when you need to spread yourself out.

  • Sliding desk top

For easy, and incredibly satisfying, storage of books, tablets, lap-tops etc. slide out the top of the desk with the ergonomically designed hand holds.

It glides open effortlessly, and is perfect for quickly hiding away your most commonly used items. It also means you can access them quickly too.

  • One central power cable

NEXT DESK has three plug points and two USB points. All of these are powered by one central cable that is plugged into your home.

  • Circuit breaker

For an extra level of security you will find a circuit breaker attached to your plug points in the back shelf.

This protects your electronic equipment if there is an interruption in the power supply. If the switch does get tripped, simply switch it back to its correct place and carry on working.

  • Printer shelf

Is it possible to make a printer look like a stylish home accessory? We think not. That is why NEXT DESK gives you the option of hiding it out of sight with a dedicated printer recess in the bottom of the desk.

It can be powered by your desk and is easily accessible right at your feet.

  • Long back shelf

The shelf along the back of the desk can be accessed by a door at the back and a door at the side.

The storage is deep and runs along the whole back of the desk.

This is a great place for bulky items you may use less, such as reams of printer paper, or old files.

If you want exactly how a whole home office can be fit inside all this storage, take a look at what happened when Heidi brought in her office from home!

  • Lockable castor wheels

NEXT DESK can be rolled effortlessly into position around your room. You can choose the option of having lockable wheels for either carpet or a hard floor.

  • Ventilation space for electronics

We don’t want anything over heating!

  • Choice of four colours

NEXT DESK is designed to blend into your home, so you have four colour combinations to choose from. Choose from either the Walnut or Hickory top, with a grey or white base.

  • General product details

NEXT DESK is made of MDF and laminate, which means it is hard wearing and maintains its smart look, even if it is used as a side board for drinks! (Incidentally a lot of kitchens are made of the same material!)

All of the wood is FSC certified and from sustainable sources.

It is produced in a family-owned factory in Devon that supplies office furniture to the international market.

Tomasz is in charge of assembling your home working desk in our unit in Devon.

  • Customer service

We want you to love NEXT DESK and we want it to work perfectly for you.

That is why we offer free delivery and free assembly in your home.

Whenever you call the NEXT DESK office during office hours you will always speak to a friendly person who will do their best to answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

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