A small but powerful home office that doesn’t disturb your living room comfort!

What are the essentials that make up a home office?

They may include…

  • A dedicated room for you to work in
  • A comfortable desk and chair
  • Space for all your equipment…printer, laptop, hard drives etc.
  • Enough plug points to power your devices
  • Easy access to all your office essentials
  • Spacious shelving units and filing cabinets
  • A view onto a beach with white sand and blue skies

A lot of us don’t have the luxury of a spare room to set up a home office in (or the beach view!)

The good news is, even without a spare room, you can create a small, subtle and powerful home office, without having to sacrifice any of the office essentials above, AND without having to turn yourself into an interior designer!

Can I fit my home office into my living room?

The living room can be an inconvenient place to set up a home office, however when you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, it is sometimes the only option.

It is often the biggest room in the house, with the most ‘spare space’. A little unused corner, a nook behind the back of the sofa….

But if you spend a lot of time and money styling your home you don’t want to spoil what you have achieved by adding a messy looking home office.

There are lots of fancy and creative ways you can ‘hide’ your home office with colours and DIY hacks etc. but these take a lot of time and effort…

With Next Desk you can literally hide your office.

Next Desk helps you maximise any spare space that you have in your home by condensing a whole office into just one piece of furniture. So you don’t need to think any further than simply rolling it into place.

It has a subtle and elegant design that blends into your home without ruining your existing style.

And, most importantly, at the end of the working day, your entire office is hidden within its doors.

Now you don’t have to feel like you have sacrificed a huge portion of your home to squeeze in a home office.

Now you don’t have to separate your home office and your living room

You can make your small home office so stylish, it is like an office in disguise!

All of those clever design ideas for how to separate your work and living space are hard work, and expensive.

With Next Desk you can effortlessly close up the foldable doors and your office is invisible.

Leaving you to fully relax!

Feel good about where you work

If you don’t feel good about where you’re working, you are not going to feel good when you’re working.

Squeezing yourself into an uncomfortable work space, means you might get annoyed easily, you may fall out with the rest of your household, you might be in pain, you might lose track of where to find anything around the house… it is going to be a very stressful experience, and therefore not very productive.

With a Next Desk, the high quality work top gives you plenty of work space, and if you need more, the wide tops of the folding doors add extra surfaces to spread out on.

Your work space is flexible and comfortably moulds around you. Even in a tiny corner in the living room you can work at a space that feels much bigger.

Feel empowered and confident that you have everything you need right at hand. No more hunting around the house for things you’ve lost!

EmPOWER yourself!

Stay productive and focused with easy access to power points for all your devices.

Now you don’t have to leave a messy, and potential dangerous, trail of cables around the room, and you can say goodbye to all those extension plugs.

Next Desk is powered with one central cable, and has 3 power points inside to let you conveniently plug in your devices.

Effortless organization

If you were going it alone and trying to find a way to make cables, files, stationery and tech look stylish in your living room, you would spend a long time achieving all that!

Next Desk’s storage is cleverly designed to accommodate all of your unsightly office essentials, even the printer.

Just wheel it in and you’re sorted!

To see more about just how much you can fit inside a Next Desk, take a look at how we fit our own office inside.

Keep your home office safe, even in your living room

One of the inconveniences of having a home office in such a communal area is the issue of security.

How do you make sure your office data isn’t vulnerable to children, pets, and general nonsense!

Next Desk has a dual locking system in the front of the desk which means your most important data and tech is 100% secure.

Take a look at our blog post about how GDPR breaches can lead to serious fines!

So you ever wondered how you could successfully fit your small home office into your living room, without it being a total disaster, now you know!

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