Do you have things you like to hide?

Not necessarily bad things, just simply things that you would rather not let anyone get their hands on.

In your home office, how are you making sure that your sensitive stuff can be easily, and securely, hidden away?

How do you know people can’t sneak in and access things you don’t want them to?

“I thought I knew you!”

A journal is a good example. That’s your safe place where you unload your deep down personal thoughts, and then your child gets hold of it and says ‘can I just do my maths homework in here?’

Or around Christmas time have you ever had a heart stopping moment when your child has come close to picking up Father Christmas’ present list? Kids get into everything!

You just made Santa’s job harder!
Pretty smug now

But it’s not only the kids. There might be things you want to hide from your partner:

The receipt for that wonderful birthday surprise you’re planning…

Or maybe you need a space to hide the present itself.

(Perhaps you bought yourself an expensive treat and an exposed receipt could cause tension)

And guests

They come over and steal a casual glance at all the love poems you have been writing while you’ve been putting off that deadline.

Tee hee!

You certainly don’t want your home office distracting you in the bedroom, that goes without saying.

Even if you live alone, you need your undivided attention too!

There are some things, for insurance purposes, and for job keeping purposes, that must not fall into the wrong hands….or the wrong paws.

Data protection is serious, and whatever mishap you try to explain away to your boss or client is going to sound downright ridiculous.

Can you even trust your pets?

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– Keep your home office organisation in impeccable shape.

– Maintain your stylish home as your office stays hidden away.

– Swiftly lock away everything from prying eyes.

What kind of secrets would you hide inside your Next Desk?

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