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Is there an extra delivery charge
Will I have to assemble NEXT DESK myself?
Am I able to return NEXT DESK if it is not suitable?
Can I pay in instalments
Can I place a bulk order?
How long does it take NEXT DESK to deliver?
What if I have any problems with my NEXT DESK?

Key Features

Free Delivery

Our personal delivery team will guarantee you safe delivery of your product

No Assembly

Our expert assembly team will do everything for you

Customizable Colours

NEXT DESK blends into your home with our mix ‘n’ match choice of classic and contemporary colour combinations

Safe and Secure

Our locking system guarantees you peace of mind that your documents (and career) is safe

Business Development

Manage a team? Keep everyone moving forward with a working space designed for success

Effective Solutions

A creative approach to home working office solutions

Comfort in Your Home

Feel comfortable at home and at work. Enjoy both spaces

Ergonomically Designed

The NEXT DESK is designed for ease of use, with all your working needs in mind