Beautiful craftmanship to ensure ease of use and a stunning finish in your home

When our home is functional, comfortable and stylish, we feel amazing.

We work hard to create living spaces that reflect our personalities. They become our sanctuaries of peace that we love to return home to.

Then when we need to add a home office, the seemingly inevitable jumble of clutter that comes with office life threatens to destroy our hard work, especially if we don’t have the luxury of dedicating a whole room to it.

Most of us need to squeeze our home offices into rooms that we have equipped for entirely different functions, such as the living room, kitchen or spare room.

How do we create the perfect balance of office furniture that is functional, whilst being minimalist enough to not take over the space, and that compliments our home style?

If you love spending hours online shopping, comparing prices and stores, weighing up the necessity of an item versus the shipping costs, or even creating Pinterest colour boards to gradually piece together your perfect solution, that is great.


If you want a stylish home office solution that solves all those problems in three minutes…read on!

Next Desk is a stylish home desk that acts like an entire office-in-a-box with a solid security system.

Stylish desks are easy to find, but what good does it do if you still have to find a solution for the essential extras that you need from an office?

  • Papers, files, printers…are generally an eyesore and if not stored well, turn into chaos very easily.
  • If your office is in a shared space, a stylish home desk alone will not keep your valuable work safe.

Next Desk gives you a beautifully crafted workspace (in 4 colour combinations)

Plus cleverly designed features that mean ONE desk is all you need for…

  • Storage
  • Security
  • Style and
  • Power

Foldable desk doors that create an instant workspace

A powerful home office, when you need it

With its neutral tones, Next Desk blends in with your home d├ęcor.

The foldable doors open up to create extra workspace either side.

The doors also contain ample shelving so your storage and organisation worries are solved with no fuss.

Fold up the two doors at the end of the day, and it looks nothing like a home desk.

It even acts as a sideboard which is great for using in the spare room or dining room.

Your invisible home office!

Home office security that is subtle and stylish

The go-to solution for many home offices looking for lockable storage is filings cabinets or perhaps even a safe. But these are pretty hard to make blend into your home.

Next Desk keeps your valuables for work securely locked in a way that looks good, and with a dual locking system.

When the foldable doors are closed, they are subtly locked with everything inside with a locking bar plus a lock and key.

If family or friends are staying in the spare room that doubles as your office, you can rest at ease that no one can interfere with anything.

This home desk has power!

This is a desk with its own power supply. And not only does it have power…

Continuing on with the theme of home desks that add style to your home instead of taking away…Next Desk has a built-in cord management system that eliminates another tiresome home office problem.

Built-in within the back of the desk are two power points to power all your tech. There is a door at the back (containing more storage) with a gap for cables, and there is also a cable bar running along the top back of the desk.

You can easily add an extension plug to the desk and tuck all your cables out of sight.

Transform how you work from home without having to change your home

So usually, simply adding a stylish home desk to your office is not the only step you need to take to keep your home looking fabulous.

But with Next Desk, it is!

With only one purchase, you have the chance to solve all of those storage problems that have been niggling you for so long.

Or you can finally stop your family meddling with the stuff on your desk when your aren’t there, because now you can lock it up and hide it away.

Or even, if you were thinking about a house move or an extension to accommodate your office, Next Desk is a much cheaper way to set yourself up, with zero hassle.

You can see a full break down of Next Desk’s features here or you can go to main sales page and browse more images there.

Here is what our customers have said so far:

George Jenatsch

The desk is working beautifully for us.

The installation was smooth, and the post-installation support first rate

Nicola – Office Manager

Having worked at home since 2015 I have tried several different desks and I have absolutely fallen in love with the Next-Desk.

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