No one will ever know your home office is there!

NEXT DESK is like a magic trick.

Do you ever wish you could hide your home office, because…

  • It takes up valuable space you want to use for other purposes
  • It’s vulnerable to your chaotic kids or other household members
  • You have to constantly tidy it away when guests come round
  • It’s not in a permanent place, so you have to constantly change where you work around the house
  • It still looks like an eyesore no matter how much fancy storage you buy…


All solved, in one go!

We are excited about how much office can fit!

You can easily hide your home office with NEXT DESK’s clever storage design.

It has folding doors, sliding doors, side doors, back doors, lockable doors…

But we wanted to see just how much you can fit inside, which means, that’s how much stuff you can hide away.

Heidi from the NEXT DESK team brought in her home office in lots of bags for life and put our desk to the test.

Bags are empty, desk is full

Keep your home office out of your home!

Unlock the first folding door of NEXT DESK and it reveals a storage shelf, and a recess below that fits snugly over the printer.

Heidi’s stationery basket fits inside the door, and the printer sits on its own dedicated shelf and plugs in easily at the back.

The ugly cables are hidden and organised out of sight.

Behind door no. 2

Unlock door no. 2 with the sliding bolt to access a drawer with rails to hold sling files.

There is also a cubby hole that fits 4 ring binders, big and small, and you have another handy shelf above.

Heidi uses this shelf for more storage baskets. Those annoying little bits and pieces that always clutter up office drawers can be kept organised, and are now easy to find at the random times you have use for them!

Hide your home office with 2 more hidden doors

For those files and books that you want to keep handy but that you don’t have use for all the time, the side and back doors of NEXT DESK work perfectly.

Heidi has stored 3 large ring binders in the side door and a few reams of paper and books in the back.

The storage runs the entire length of the desk.

We actually fit four reams of paper quite snugly inside the back shelf.

And those cables aren’t getting in anyone’s way…

Soooo satisfying!

Another magic door!

This is the last door and we think it is the most stylish and fun to use.

Using the comfortable hand holds, pull the sliding desk top towards you, and you have ample space for laptops, tablets and note pads etc.

This is for when you need quick access to things and then want to store them away again with no fuss.

Heidi has her lap top and ipad sitting in this space. They can both be charged using the USB ports and the plugs at the back.

There is a gap at the back of the desk for cables to slide through, which again keeps everything hidden.


Now you know how you can hide your home office, whilst keeping easy access to your powerful work space.

No need to precariously balance everything on the edge of your desk, or to keep huge piles in front of you.

Your equipment and documents hide in the doors and drawers around you, until you need them!

We want to make your life easier

Working from home has many unique challenges:

  • You need to create space… space to store, space to work and space to live.

(A big challenge for us non-designers)

  • Your office equipment and data needs to stay safe
  • And you want your home to look good!

In short, our home space is limited, therefore it is precious.

It can be frustrating having to sacrifice areas that we want to keep for the fun stuff, like play rooms, guest bedrooms, or having friends over for karaoke nights!

If you want to perform your own magic trick, and beat the home office conundrum once and for all, come and take a look at our shop.

You can choose your desk from one of four colour ways, so it will be sure to blend in with your home!

Come on over and shop now!