Work from home, and enjoy your home.

NEXT DESK lets you clearly separate the two by storing your entire work life. 

Foldable, lockable and easy.

We deliver, assemble, and you enjoy a new energy for work!

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  • Foldable design - for style, storage and flexibility

    • Side doors create extra work space when open​

  • Dual locking system - for data protection and security

    • Sliding bolt and key ​

  • Power cables and USB ports - for clutter-free tech

    • One central cable powered from the home

    • 3 built-in power points

    • 2 USB ports

    • Circuit breaker for health and safety

  • Hidden storage - for minimum home impact

    • space for numerous lever-arch and sling files

    • side and back storage, plus a sliding desk top

  • Printer shelf -

    • Hide the most unsightly piece of home office equipment!


We deliver to anywhere in the UK

at absolutely no cost


Our team takes charge of all assembly

and set up of NEXT DESK in your home


0% upon application - get in touch!


Business evolution

Build a solid foundation for employees

With a powerful and intentional working from home policy, you can attract a wider and more diverse range of skills to your business. 

As the need for working from home increases, businesses can see their rates and expenses decrease as the need for office space becomes redundant. 

For a fraction of the cost of maintaining office space you can set up your employees with transformative working spaces.


Promote motivation, productivity and a sense of loyalty for an employer that takes care of their needs.

Employee care

Troubleshoot health and safety concerns in a domestic setting

An employer's legal responsibilities still continue when staff work from home. 

NEXT DESK provides an ergonomic and adaptable space for employees to make their own. 

Keep on top of employee physical and mental health concerns. Provide a compact and contained working space that is easy to keep organised and separate from the rest of the household. 

Minimise accidents and disruption to business by securing your valuable data in the home with NEXT DESK's dual locking system. 

A practical and simple approach to a potentially very damaging problem.