The Story of Next Desk

Having been in a variety of businesses for all my working life, including working from home, I watched with interest as multiple businesses were compelled to shut down their offices and set their staff up to work from home.

Listening to the stories of companies and workers, it was clear that it’s not as simple as moving the computer to a different, domestic, environment.  Stories of work papers being swept up into home work and other similar scenarios were common.

In addition many employees were struggling with the physical and mental impact of working from home.  Physically they were often working for long hours in positions that resulted in back ache, head ache and the like; and mentally there was the feeling that they never “left work”.  This was resulting in a low grade mental health issue that was likely to grow and become problematic.

I created Next Desk in response to these.  I wanted to provide a work space that was really distinct from the home space, but would fit harmoniously into a normal home.  It needed to be compact and able to provide a dual use in what are often competing environments.

Issues such as storage, power, Data Protection and Health & Safety needed to be addressed in a positive way, whilst allowing the home worker to feel empowered to produce a consistently high standard of work comparable to being in an office.

My team and I have worked hard to produce Next Desk at a price that we believe is competitive, and makes this investment into a multi-faceted solution.

I hope you enjoy using Next Desk as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Onwards and upwards!