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Do you attribute business success to hard work only?

Updated: Feb 5

How does synchronicity show up in your work?

Ideas can be knocking around in our heads for months, or years, and then something about a moment in time inspires us to take action.

Lockdown in March this year, was the catalyst for NEXT DESK founder Jan to kickstart her concept for a foldable, lockable, home working desk.

"I want to make a brand new desk, in the middle of a pandemic...let's go!"

I know it will work

The timing just felt right. And that is when the magic of synchronicity came in to play.

Have you ever experienced synchronicity in your life?

It happens when we are truly inspired and in the flow with the positive energy of making an idea reality.

The philosopher Carl Jung coined this phrase in the 1950s. He described it as:

"an acausal principle as a basis for the apparently random simultaneous occurrence of phenomena"

Basically, coincidences happen for no apparent reason!

And this is a concept that business leaders have been paying attention to for decades.

In the Phoenix Business Journal Tom Zender gives some advice on how to attract synchronicity into our lives.

  • Set aside quiet time for ideas to emerge

  • Believe in your idea

  • Visualize its positive effects

  • Share it with others

  • Clarify how it will work

  • Let it go

  • And when you feel the urge, act on it

Sometimes we only have to express a desire and it seems to magically appear before us.

Chance meetings, perfect timings, coincidences...the NEXT DESK team came together in this way.

None of us had given much thought to home working desks before, but we were all drawn to Jan and her powerful energy!

"We nailed that home working desk!"

Starting without answers is OK!

Although Jan didn't know exactly where to start with the manufacturing process her drive came from knowing she could create a product that would transform people's home working lives...and she has a gift for spotting people who can do exactly what she wants!

Throughout the process of creation, every time she voiced a need, someone always knew someone who could lead her to the perfect person to solve her problem.

This is how you know that you are on to something good, when events start to flow, and you can inspire everyone around you.

The result of Jan's persistence was that she was able to bring a home office desk to market, with all the unique features exactly as she wanted them, in under 6 months.

Jan believed in her foldable desk and the process unfolded before her (rubbish pun, sorry!)

NEXT DESK in production

Discomfort is your friend

As I am sure you know, even when flow exists, that is not to say the journey is easy.

A key component of attracting synchronicity is discomfort. There is no getting away from those difficult jobs. if you have been avoiding them, that is a sure sign that you absolutely must go towards them if you want to get to the next stage...there are NO shortcuts!

If you need motivation to push you outside of your mental barriers then take some time to read Ann Latham's article in Forbes magazines. She lists 16 reasons why you should do it.

"You will learn that failure is rare because the most common outcomes are success, learning, and growth"

I don't think I'm allowed to tell you about some of the things that have gone wrong along the way with NEXT DESK (not yet anyway!) But the journey has always been joyous and fun. Hours spent together discussing ideas and solving problems with Jan and the NEXT DESK team is always uplifting and rewarding. And the best part of course is hearing from our satisfied customers.

Being part of a team that works together in this way is truly something to be treasured.

...and action!

An exciting, recent example of synchronicity for NEXT DESK is the chance meeting of Daniel Evensen and the team from Booma Productions

Daniel is from Norway, and he wanted to expand his video production company into the UK. Whilst searching for start up companies to work with, he came across NEXT DESK online and was so inspired by our story and product he asked us to collaborate with him.

The result is a beautiful summary of our brand and the passion behind Jan's vision for her customers.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

When have you felt the flow of synchronicity in your personal or professional life? If you have any incredible stories of coincidences or chance meetings that have transformed your life let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Maybe we could even share your story!

Jan - Founder

Look what happens when you get bored!!

Having a great team around means that ideas can come to life.

Tomasz - Workshop Guru

Tomasz brought essential skills in furniture making and project management at just the right time...funnily enough he is the photographers partner - go figure!

Anna - Accounts

Anna had worked with Jan in her other company for several years and her attention to detail and fun made her a natural for the team. Anna is a freelance book keeper.

Harry - Designer

Our secret weapon! Introduced to Jan when she was looking for a designer, Harry brings a level of skill and expertise that is truly magnificent. He's also a great teacher!

Heidi - Marketing

At a time of change in her career path, Heidi came to work with Jan in the office - only for them to quickly find that her strength is in marketing. Her enthusiasm and energy and hunger for learning is invaluable. (Not written by Heidi!)

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