A solution to the problems you didn’t think you could solve!

Freedom to enjoy a stress-free and pain-free working life, and freedom to enjoy space in your home…all thanks to a foldable desk!

There are so many ways Next Desk can shift your life from making do with what is, to enjoying a quick solution to things you didn’t think you could change.

Your entire office is contained within Next Desk

Free from pain

You only need one piece of furniture to claim your permanent office space in your home and tailor it to you.

Relax as your lap-top and chair are the correct height, everything you need is to hand, and it’s the same way everyday.

Relieve yourself of the morning scrabbling around because you had to clear your office off the kitchen table the night before.

Take a look at what Paul from Back World had to say for our blog as he explained the importance of a correct office set up.

Free from the stressful ‘stuff pile’

It’s always there, ‘on the side’, growing bigger by the day.

You move it around, to the dining table, to the coffee table, to the floor, back to the side again.

But it’s ok, because you keep a mental note of everything that is in it, until you need that document…and then it isn’t there…!

Next Desk is foldable and allows you to hide your work space away, giving you a permanent space for your office to live, even if you have a small home.

So you no longer need to play the stressful game of office roulette!

Check out the surprising amount of office equipment we were able to hide in Next Desk when we tested it with one member of our team!

Hide your papers in your foldable desk

Free from overwhelm

You no longer have a bad back, you don’t have to store stuff in unsuitable, random places, and you don’t waste anymore time searching for lost items.

You are much more productive, you are enjoying your beautiful new office space, and you feel great about yourself, instead of always feeling you are one step behind.

If you are used to working in an office it is a huge mental shift to maintain productivity in an environment not designed for working.

When you may be struggling to find enough space to claim your own in the home, with its foldable doors and incredible storage capacity, Next Desk instantly gives you a powerful office space that blends in to the home when you have finished working. Helping you to get you back into that ‘can do’ mind set.

Free from sacrificing your home

You’ll be amazed by how much is in there!

How do you make file storage attractive, or hide the ugly printer and still keep it convenient to use? It’s a pretty hard task.

With Next Desk you don’t have to worry, because now you can hide everything!

Take a look at our product guide to how Next Desk’s unique design effortlessly stores all your essentials.

Free from expensive renovations

Use your home like you always do

Because you can hide your entire home office in plain sight, you don’t need to start adding on to your house, or renovate the shed…not yet anyway.

Next Desk can save you stress, pain and expense by solving your space problems in an instant.

Take a look at our range of colours and see how it can blend effortlessly into your home.

If you want to relieve yourself from pain, stress, overwhelm and the need to constantly rearrange your work around your home…

Shop your Next Desk now!

Photo credits: (Papers photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)