A robust, lockable desk protects you from potentially catastrophic data breaches

Have you ever considered purchasing a lockable desk?

If you have, what is your main motivation?

  • Keeping important documents safe?
  • Storing your vulnerable tech away from household mishaps?
  • Hiding your stationery away from family members who can’t get their own?
  • Having a convenient place to hide your secrets where others can’t reach?

We all need our own private space that we can be sure no one else can touch, especially when it comes to something as critical as our livelihood.

Is there a reliable solution on the market?

There are a number of lockable desks available on the market, but generally only one or two small spaces in the desks tend to be lockable.

You may find a locking cabinet, or a couple of locking drawers, but the space is often very limited.

This leaves you with the option of locking away a couple of important items, but it doesn’t allow you to keep all your essentials safe.

Next Desk expands your security capabilities

Next Desk is a lockable desk that can bullet proof your home security.

The two foldable doors on the front of the desk contain shelving, space for files, plus an easy access drawer for sling files.

When closed, the doors have a dual locking system that keeps everything contained and completely untouchable.

So it doesn’t matter where you set up your home office; in the bedroom, dining room, kitchen…your precious data and documents will not fall prey to any random accidents!

Why does home office security matter?

We all know about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

If you had a business, or worked for an employer that stored data before 2018, you may have experienced the huge headache of making your business compliant with the rules.

Data protection is a big deal. A data breach is still a data breach, whether in the office or at home, and the repercussions are no less severe.

The workplace training company, High Speed Training, explains:

You have a legal responsibility to follow the procedures that your business puts in place, wherever you are working, to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR

To help keep data confidential you should always lock your device if you are going to leave it unattended. This must be done even if it is just your family who will be in the house.

Data breaches are illegal and potentially devastating

If one of your kids accidentally stuffs your important files in their school bag and brings them to school, you could be in serious trouble with the law. Especially as you are required by law to notify authorities and customers of any data breach.

The information management company, Access, explains:

“Penalties can be severe. In addition to giving companies a black eye, a data breach—or a breach of any of the GDPR’s rules—can result in a fine of up to 4 percent of annual revenue or 20 million Euros ($23 million), whichever is greater.”

The rules include physical as well as digital data

Access goes on to explain:

“GDPR applies to all records, whether paper or digital.

When we hear the phrase “data breach,” we think of cybersecurity and online information. But a sensitive document left behind in the printer, on a desk, or in a coffee shop also constitutes a breach.”

Make your office unbreachable

If home working is a positive lifestyle for you and your colleagues, no one wants to be that guy who spoils it for everyone by exposing holes in the company data management system.

As well as physical files you are most likely storing information digitally too. This means you also need a secure space to keep your tech out of reach from the people you live with, and away from potential household accidents.

Kaspersky puts it very plainly on their website:

Keep family members away from work devices

“While you may trust yourself and your tech-savvy employees to keep themselves safe online, it’s worth remembering that during these times company computers are more likely to be exposed to young children and other members of employees’ families.

Therefore, it’s worth your while to subtly remind staff to keep their devices safe and not to allow other members of their households to access their work laptops, mobiles and other forms of hardware. It’s also worth reminding them of the importance of password protecting their devices to prevent other third parties accessing their sensitive files.”

Get set up permanently, and set up right

The unique lockable storage system not only provides you with security, but also easy access.

There is no need to rely on ugly filing cabinets that clutter up the home. The drawers and shelves provide ample space, and easy access for the paperwork and tech you will need on a daily basis.

The organisation also makes for a more streamlined and productive work day!

A lockable desk that becomes a whole home office!

Protect your livelihood with Next Desk – shop now!

The working landscape is changing post COVID-19.

Next Desk is a direct response to solving the working from home challenges that are arising from this shift.

Our lockable desk is a simple, and cost-effective solution to potential data vulnerabilities for companies of any size.

Check out our video below to see all of Next Desk’s powerful features.

Transform how you work from home: